Primrose Place - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
Payment must be made within 1 Month
Start of Construction on Month 2
Option 2: 20 – 80 (12 months)
20% Down Payment payable for 12 months
80% Balance through Bank or Government Financing

Why Invest in Primrose Place

Apart from the emotional stuff like painting and a host of other minor stuff that many home buyers look for when buying a house, Primrose Place provides a combo of real tangible benefits.


When it comes to hunting for a dream home, high on the list of things is the location of the property. The Primrose Place is in the Heart of Sta. Rosa and has a close proximity to Manila. It affords you the luxury of accessing vibrant convenience spots within the metro. It is also surrounded by a number of public transport infrastructures so you won’t have to get stuck on a 2 hours drive just to drop them to school.

Superior House Finish

Without the right painting, flooring and other detailed finishing your house can have design rudiments intact and still not look right. The Primrose Place property is constructed by world class engineers that put in place weather damage proof structures which significantly reduce siding replacement costs.

The condition of both the interior and exterior greatly elevates your home's value and reflect a high level of care. For the aspiring homeowners, you will be more convinced knowing that other areas of your residence have been given the corresponding kind of unwavering attention.


Amenities play a vital role in bringing a sense of identity and community in any real estate project. Primrose Place brings about a strong connection between the quality of the social infrastructure and the well being of the homeowners. To add pleasure and enjoyment of the occupants, the property has luxurious amenities to make you feel at home.

To ensure that all age groups have been catered for when setting up the amenities, there are areas specifically set up for the grownups and senior citizens like the swimming pool, nature trails, gardens, and a large park. For the youngsters, there are the basketball courts, viewing deck, and picnic areas. Additionally, there is a clubhouse where residents can mingle and other recreational spaces where talents can be nurtured. To keep in check the congestion menace, the units also have spacious garage to park your machine.

Flexible Payment Options

Budget is arguably the single most emphatic factor many home owners look at. No matter how much you earn, the developer has put in place some of the most flexible payment options in the market. This ensures that you aren’t burdened with too large a mortgage allowing you to also cater for other obligations like your savings fund, insurance, children’s education, your savings, and car payments.

These options include;

1)    Spot cash payment where you pay for your house instantly or within one month.

2)    The second option requires you to pay a down payment of 20% within a year while the remaining 80% can be done through bank financing or government financing.


For most individuals, acquiring a house is mainly one of the most important life decisions to ever undertake. And since human beings are emotional beings, it’s natural to feel pumped and get carried away, and you have every ground to feel giddy.

But while the confront of house-hunting can without a doubt be a fun and exciting affair, it’s also imperative not to allow emotions get the best of you. Although that’s the mainstream narrative, with Primrose Place you don’t have to worry overlooking the thin ices of a bad property. The developer has got you covered and always wants your investment to be the most comfortable spot in the world, devoid of leaky roofs, squeaky floorboards, and flawed plumbing and electricity. All you need is to hit the ground running.

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